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As a matter of fact, we obey the rights of music creators and artists. And we are optimistic that your work with us will remain our community creative and legal which will result in positive experience for each and every one together with the artists and the creators. Kindly note that, under Section 512(f), if any person intentionally or knowingly misrepresents any activity or material is deemed as violating. So, doing so is subjected to responsibility for the damages. Don’t make any sort of untrue claim!
Complete information mentioned in this legal notice may also be forwarded to the individual who provide an apparently violating content.

Procedure to file a removal request:

  • The request for content removal will only be considered if they belong to our download page (for example, https://youtube-to-mp3.live/download/your-removal-request-query). There will be no other changes in other places. Requests about removing other pages will not be accepted.
  • When filing the complaint form, make sure that you paste every link in distinct line.
  • The requests regarding the removal of the links that end with /download.php or /search.php will be ignored as these links can’t be directly accessed by the user. Moreover, they are banned from the search engine.
  • It is a request to not send more than 10 links a day as it takes time to examine and block them.

Copyright Complaint Form

Copyright Complaint Via Email

If you found any Copyright Infringement Content on youtube-to-mp3.live.Then You Can write us e-mail for removal.We will remove content within 3-4 days. Please write in Subject “DMCA for ‘link – mention link’ ” and send us from your company website email to Contact Us